Compass Students

Compass Student Ministry exists to provide a place where students can develop their own faith and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ while developing accountable relationships with peers and with their adult group leaders! This mission is accomplished through several avenues of ministry. Compass Student Ministry is designed to help Middle School and High School students develop authentic relationships within the body of Compass Church. These relationships will exist with adult leaders, volunteer teammates and other students. The purpose of these relationships are to encourage, edify, and allow a student to have multiple voices speaking truth into their lives, on a weekly basis.



Students in today’s society are looking for an authentic experience with Jesus Christ. Compass Students will facilitate that desire by providing a small group atmosphere for both Middle and High School Students, where they can love, give, and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Even though Compass Church weekend services are relevant to people of all ages, Middle School and High School students desire to have a gathering completely of their own. They desire individuality and want a place they can gather and have community. Student Volunteer Teams will provide this environment for Compass Students. Student Volunteer Teams will have three elements:

Community will be happen within these teams. Students will experience a smaller environment which will help facilitate the development of authentic relationships. The hope is that students will create lasting friendships with adults and other students, and begin to “do life” with each other.

Discipleship will happen through group discussion and one on one mentoring. ‣ Teaching & Discussion – Compass Church will provide a video based curriculum for each team. The teaching will seek to address issues and questions currently facing today’s Middle and High School students. Applicable and relevant guidance from the Bible will be used to address these issues and questions. The same application based philosophy that guides teaching in the weekend services will guide student teaching. Each team will be lead by an adult leader or leadership team who is qualified to lead these spiritual discussions. During this time students will be encouraged to seek ways to apply all they have just heard, into their daily lives. There will also be a level of accountability within these teams. ‣ Pathfinders – Both peers and adult leaders will have the opportunity to guide a student through the Compass Church Pathfinders discipleship program and lead them on a journey through discovering what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Volunteering will happen as a team. Compass Student Volunteer teams are a part of the body of Compass Church. Each part is necessary for the body to function (1 Corinthians 12:1-31). Each team will decide how they want to make a Christlike impact on the unchurched and de-churched community of Winona.












Student Ministry at Compass Church will happen through adult and student leaders. Student leaders will play a pivotal role in the weekly Student Volunteer team gatherings and Compass Church Volunteer teams. 

Student Leaders will have the opportunity to serve as Guides for Pathfinders and assistant Student Volunteer Team leaders. Student leaders will be chosen based on an application process. Qualified student leaders will be trained and developed into high-level leaders at Compass Church. 

 Adult leaders will provide yet another positive voice in students’ lives. Much of the personal ministry at Compass Students will happen through adult leaders. Adult leaders will work one-on-one with the Compass Students Director. Adult leaders will also be trained and well equipped to lead groups and minister to students. If you would like to join our team as a Student Volunteer Team Leader please start by filling out our online Family and Student Ministry Application.



These large events will happen periodically throughout the year. These will be events such as curriculum based experiences, youth convention, sledding, corn maze, or larger group summer fun activities. The purpose of these events are to provide a fun environment for students to invite friends and enjoy a sense of community. They will be listed on Compass Church’s online community (COC), Compass Church’s printed quarterly calendar and the Compass Students Facebook page.